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“Better to be Investigated First, Rather to Solve/Rectifying Cost would be Double”

All the structures like Buildings, Bridges, Dams, Towers, Road etc will be Constructed over the Ground. So, Geotechnical/Soil Investigation is Essential to know Properties of Soil, Subsoil Strata, Type of Foundation, Depth, Bearing Capacity of Soil, Water Table, Construction Methods etc.

How Geotechnical/Soil investigation is Important for Project, Its Equally Important to Do it with Right People. Recommendation is Combination of Technical Knowledge plus Relevant Experience plus Guts (Engineering Judgement).

Technical Knowledge will Enhance by Attending Regular Technical Conferences, Seminars and Work Shop.

Technical Knowledge and Experience Person Only Can Give Right Engineering Judgement, will Optimised the Value for Design and to Save Project Cost and Time.

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